Announcing Nima Directory


November 4, 2007



The following is an announcement from Nima Directory:

Nima Directory – Our best directory yet

We started Nima Website Directory in May 2007 as our fifth directory attempt. We had learned much about directories from previous experiences and applied all of our knowledge in Nima Directory. It is our best design yet, our most promoted directory, includes many modifications, and our traffic is growing daily.

Nima Directory’s most important mods include deep Link for both regular (2 deep links) and featured listings (5 deep links), SEO friendly detail pages, Directory Sitemap, Live Statistics, Link Popularity mod, and more.

We also offer many uniquely designed validated coded free phpLD templates and phpLB templates that you can use in your new directory. Most of them are available in the templates section of Directory Critic as well.

Our current rates are $12.95 for regular submission and $39.99 for featured submission. We review all submissions in less than 24 hours. Please read the submission guide before submitting. However, if you submit your website as a featured listing and for some reason it is not accepted, your payment will be refunded in full.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Nima Directory

Disclosure: The above announcement was paid. If you would like us to announce your blog or webmaster tool see our advertising page.

We’ve just launched a new forum!


October 25, 2007



We’ve just launched a new forum here at Directory Critic!

Our new forum is place for webmasters and directory owners to network, ask questions, share information and promote their sites and services.

To kick things off we’re giving away 100 listings in our Webmasters Directory and 100 listings in our WebGuide. For details on how to get your hands on some free listings just check out this thread on the forum.

We’ll also be running more competitions in coming weeks for our new forum members so get involved!

See you there!

Win $10,000 For Submitting Your Site, And Get 15% Off!


October 17, 2007



Now is an excellent time to submit your site to Best Of The Web (BOTW). If you submit your site now you’ll get 15% off the submission price and the chance to win 10k.

Best Of The Web is the oldest directory on the web and on my “must submit” list for all my new sites. It’s the easiest way to get an authority backlink for a new site. If you asked me to tell you the best 3 directories on the web BOTW would be on my list.

If you’re not keen to pay the submission price, you can get 2 months advertising for free. The links go at the top of the category page (like featured links) and the right category could send you quite a bit of traffic as well as some link juice.

$10,000 prize/15% off coupon code:


You must enter this when you submit your site to get the discount and enter the draw.

To submit your site head to Best Of The Web, select the right category and follow the submission instructions.

Back In The Office!


September 25, 2007



Got back online this week after a 5 day vacation. Everything is up to date here on DC:

Here’s what I’ve just done…

  • 80 directories have been reviewed
  • 108 ratings have been reviewed
  • 5 directories upgraded to premium
  • 50 emails replied to
  • 3 new advertisers added
  • Weekly average points have been updated

A lot can happen in 5 days :)

Out Of The Office, 20th – 25th Sept


September 19, 2007



This is quick note to all Directory Critic users that I’ll be out of the office from the 20th to the 25th of Sept. Keep submitting your dirs, using the site and reporting dirs and I’ll get everything up-to-date when I get back in.

Thanks for your support :)