Why Directory Submissions Ought to Be a Part of Your SEO Strategy for 2021?


August 1, 2021



Times have changed and with it, SEO has also evolved in the last decade. It is  already the 3rd quarter of 2021 and 2022 is just knocking at our doors. But are we ready for SEO 2021? Have we thought of strategies to include in our plan for the next year?

Well, worry not if you have not  still drafted an SEO strategy for 2021. This article will help you do just that.

Mondovo Vs. Moz Vs. Raven


July 30, 2021



In search engine optimization, the measurement of certain metrics is critical to success. These include data about rankings, referrals, links and more. Analytics software gives marketers powerful insights into their search, social, brand, and content marketing. The challenge is that this wealth of information comes at a price. Sometimes, because there is so much information, numbers and reports that you need to sift through, marketers get overwhelmed in trying to see the light of day through it all.

But data overload should hardly be the reason stopping you from using analytics to improve your marketing effectiveness! Remember that successful marketers and SEOs alike don’t make decisions based on feelings. You shouldn’t either. Your decisions should be based on data and cold hard facts.

And where do you get that data come from?

– Your marketing analytics, of course!

The Concept of Closed-loop Marketing

Successful marketers have a trick up their sleeve that not many of us know about. They tie every single lead, customer and dollar back to the marketing initiative that led to them in the first place.

This is called closed-loop marketing.

Closed-loop marketing, in essence, cuts through the widespread vagueness of marketing as we know it and reveals real information and numbers and data about the success or failure of any marketing effort, lending insight into your entire customer life cycle.

The significance of closed-loop marketing is that many actionable improvements will rely on data from these analytics. With closed-loop marketing data, you can track a lead from the moment they first interact with you until that lead becomes your customer. Powered with the acquisition of this information, you can then revisit your marketing channels including your business blog and social media accounts to make them more effective in generating customers at the lowest cost.

The Analytics Software that’s Right for You

Are you looking for a way to easily measure and track those metrics that matter to your business? Where marketing is concerned, creating road maps for success is easier when everything is in one place.

By measuring the right metrics you can:

– Improve landing pages

– Improve SEO

– Improve business blogging

– Improve social media

– Improve email marketing

– Improve lead nurturing


Moz offers four Moz Pro subscription plans priced at $99/month (for the Standard plan), $149/month (for the Medium plan), $249/month (for the Large option) and $599/month for the Premium package.

The standard plan covers:

– 5 Moz Analytics Campaigns

– 300 keywords

– 250,000 crawled pages

– 15 social accounts

–  Going annual saves you $237. So the subscription comes to $950.00 + applicable tax

The Premium subscription covers:

– 100 Moz Analytics Campaigns

– 7,500 keywords

– 1,250,000 crawled pages

– Includes branded reports

– 150 social accounts

– Going annual means that you save $1,437. The price is $5750.00 + applicable tax

The other two subscription plans fall on a gradation between these two extremes.

The product

With Moz Pro, you can:

– Measure and improve your marketing campaigns. This includes search, social, branding and content marketing

– Perform research and keep a tab on your competitors

– Moz Pro subscriber benefits also include educational resources and access to Moz’s community of seasoned marketers and Mozzers

About Moz Analytics

– Dashboard

At a glance, the Moz Analytics Dashboard gives you a quick insight into your performance on the inbound marketing front. With a single view, you can find patterns in your traffic, track where it’s coming from and see how quickly it’s growing.

The measured metrics include: Traffic, Attention, Authority and Data Snapshot.

– Search

In marketing, it’s important to know whether or not your audience is finding you. With Moz Analytics Search, you can view your total traffic from organic search, find out which search engines and keywords are bringing in the most traffic and discover new keywords to target.

The measured metrics include: Organic Search Volume, Keyword Rankings, Keyword Opportunities, On-Page Optimization and Crawl Diagnostics.

– Social

What’s the point of engaging with fans and followers on social media if your efforts are not paying off? With Moz Analytics Social, you can analyze the total size and weekly growth of your social presence. You can also scope out the competition. This allows you to analyze what your competitors are doing and to assess their reach.

The measured metrics include: Total Network Size, Traffic & Links from Social Channels, Twitter, Facebook, Most Engaging Posts & Tweets.

– Links

In any marketing campaign, link analysis is an important part of the process. With Moz Analytics Links, you can now view which links in your link profile are driving the most traffic. You can also find out where on the web you’re mentioned without a link.

The measured metrics include: Competition, Established Links and Opportunities.

– Mentions

With Moz Analytics Mentions, you can find out whenever someone mentions your brand. Monitoring where on the web your brand is being talked about can provide you with the unique window of opportunity to take advantage of new opportunities, marketing prospects and ways to connect.

The measured metrics include: Brand Mentions, Traffic from Brand, Competitor Mentions and Industry Mentions. You can also customize your mention tracking to your heart’s desire with Manage Queries.

– Research Tools

And finally, with the Moz Pro Research Tools, you can perform in-depth research on your site and your competitors’.

1. Keyword Tools: Helps you track rankings and analyze keywords. You can also, using the same tool, check any page to see if it is optimized for a specific keyword you think will bring in traffic.

2. Link Analysis: Using Open Site Explorer, you can view any site’s links, top pages, link metrics, and social data.

3. Web Mentions: Use this tool to track mentions of anything you want.

4. Social Analytics: Using Followerwonk, dig deep into your Twitter analytics and match your activities to gains and losses.

5. SEO Toolbar: The MozBar for Chrome and Firefox can be used to research any site on the web.


As compared to Moz, Raven only has two different subscription plans priced at $99/month for Raven Pro and $249/month for Raven Agency. Raven Pro is directed towards marketing consultants and small businesses. Raven Agency, on the other hand, is more appropriate for midsize to large teams/businesses.

Raven Pro covers:

– 4 users

– Unlimited marketing campaigns

– Unlimited access to 20+ SEO, social and content marketing tools

– Includes branded reports

– 20 social accounts

– Includes email marketing help and training

Raven Agency covers:

– Unlimited users

– Unlimited marketing campaigns

– Unlimited access to 20+ SEO, social and content marketing tools

– Includes branded reports

– 50 social accounts

– Includes email marketing help and training

The product

Raven specifically focuses on:

– Custom branding

– Campaign management

– Team collaboration

– It integrates Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools for an ultimate management and reporting experience

– Business development

About Raven

– SEO tools

Any new marketing and SEO campaign needs a baseline and a road map to success. For example, what’s the pulse of your website like? Does it have any technical issues? How are your competitors performing as compared to you?

With tools like Site Auditor and Site Performance, you can answer these questions. In addition, using Raven’s Keyword Ranking tool, at a single glance you can analyze your ranking data that comes directly from Google and Bing Webmaster tools. Research Central and Link Manager, on the other hand, provide all the information you need about the quality of your site and the links pointing to it.

– Social media tools

Raven makes managing social media easy. See, social media marketing is a challenge to most marketers. There are so many networks and each network differs significantly from the immediate next. Marketing on Facebook is nothing like marketing on Twitter. The audience is different, the community is different and the best practices are different. You can also not be everywhere at the same time.

With Raven’s Social Stream, you can view, in real-time, all the social media conversations you can join. Alternatively, if you’re in a research or stalker mode, dig into your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account or that of your most successful competitor to stay on top of the social media game.

– Content marketing tools

Faster research results in better content. With Raven’s Content Manager and CRM tools, managing your content and contacts becomes easier. If you’re running low on ideas, Research Central is a good place to get inspired or you can alternatively access the Order content for SEO tool to order original content suitable for SEO from Textbroker.

– PPC tools

Raven makes it easier for users to identify PPC keyword opportunities. The tool for this is once again Research Central, which gathers data from multiple keyword research resources including but not limited to AdWords data. Raven also has an AdWords Insights tool that allows for users to identify quality issues. These could be costing you money!

– Marketing reports

Marketers always have to draw up comprehensive marketing reports. With Raven’s Report Wizard tool, this part of your job description will cease to be as daunting as before. Users can create a report with any combination of SEO, social and Google Analytics data in a matter of minutes. You can also brand your marketing reports for a personalized, custom feel.


With the right insights into the performance of your business and website, you can:

– Visualize behavior

– Optimize your online customer experience

– Improve customer interaction with your pages

– Increase conversion rates

– Improve critical elements of your page

– Increase your ROI

With Mondovo, you can get instant access to critical business information to maximize revenues. Mondovo is priced at $49-$99/month.

Mondovo covers:

– 10 users

– Unlimited campaigns

– Variable number of keywords based on your subscription plan

– 10,000 crawled pages/website

– Includes branded reports (but currently under development)

– Variable number of social accounts based on your subscription.

About Mondovo, the product

– SEO tools

– Social media tools

– Analytics

– The Dashboard

– SEO tools

Mondovo has the capability to do a wide range of things. This single tool can be used to manage all aspects of your website’s SEO. From keyword research to a site-wide audit, it covers all bases.

One of the cool things about Mondovo is that it allows you to check on your competitors as well, so that on top of doing your own SEO; you can copy what they are doing as well to boost your rankings. In a nutshell, you can see:

– What keywords they are targeting

– What their best performing keywords are

– Where they are getting their links from

You can also keep track of the status of your old backlinks: if they are still live or if they have been taken down. This way you can decide if you should create more backlinks to compensate, or try to get the lost links back by contacting the webmasters.

– Social media tools

This platform provides an easy way to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts, right from its own dashboard. You can monitor pretty much everything.

It also comes with its Facebook Competitor Analyzer and Twitter Competitor Analyzer; 2 modules that allow you to spy on your competitors’ social marketing strategy! Analyze what, when and how they are posting things and engaging with their followers – all in one place.

– Analytics

Google Analytics is the engine Mondovo uses to collect valuable data from your visitors; identify your best traffic sources, see what your visitors are spending the most of their time on, and more.

All-In-One Dashboard

Tracking metrics is like a game with Mondovo’s dashboard. Unlike other software where everything is where their designer thought it would best fit, Mondovo allows you to move your data around, in a way that pleases you. This way, you can put all your favorite metrics on top, and get the rest of the metrics that don’t interest you out of the way. This is especially useful for those of us who are not only big on data, but also big on visuals.

Directory Submissions don’t Kill, they Work and How! (& we’ve got Proof!)


July 2, 2021



With Directory Submissions in the line of fire and people shying away from it, there has been a general misconception that submitting to directories is harmful for your site. Can somebody get me the guy who was kind enough to spread this baseless allegation on directory submissions!! For people who are wondering why I am advocating submitting to directories, it’s to state a universal truth. If directory submissions were harmful, it would be real simple to kill competition. Submit your competitor’s site to directories and later attend the funeral!

Lets face it, directory submissions are one of the main sources of links apart from various other methods. It’s effective especially when building links for niche and not so competitive search terms. I have seen the results myself and if you’re not too greedy with the terms you target in your directory submissions, you could be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Here’s an example of one of the sites tested: http://www.statisticalforecasting.com was submitted to directories using 5 different titles and descriptions. The titles used were ‘Forecasting & Statistics in Business’, ‘Statistical Forecasting’, ‘Methods of Forecasting’, ‘Statistical Techniques’ and ‘Statistics and Forecasting’. If individual searches are conducted in Google for each of these titles, you would see that the site ranks in the top 10 for some of these terms (not mentioning the rankings out here since they might change with time). What’s important to note is that this site has never been promoted by any method other than directory submissions and they’re still ranking on top!

A manual submission service, Directory Maximizer, was used for the submissions and the results are there for all to see. So I would advise all NOT to ignore directory submissions on mere hearsay, it can work if you rotate your titles, think about the target terms and take the time to do your submissions properly. If you don’t have the time to do submissions yourself, I would recommend taking a look at Directory Maximizer, they have some great features. If you choose to do submissions yourself, you can find a huge resource of free directories on our site, so feel free to use them.

Directory Critic Now Offers Directory Submission Service


June 20, 2012



Directory Critic, the most authoritative and comprehensive directory resource on the web is happy to announce the launch of our directory submission service. Directory submissions is one of the widely recognized link building tactics. Over the years, many have abused this tactic and as a result, the value of directory submissions in the eyes of search engines has decreased. As a trusted industry resource, we thought it’s our responsibility to step in and offer a directory submission service which follows the SEO guidelines given by search engines like Google, Bing etc.  We begin with offering directory submissions in three categories –

  • General Directory Submission – Get links from high quality general directories
  • Niche Directory Submissions – Get guaranteed links from directories within your industry
  • Local Directory Submissions – Get listed in top local directories such as Yelp, Google+ for Business, Yahoo Local etc. and receive targeted traffic and valuable backlinks

Advantages of using Directory Critic’s Submission Services

  • We submit your sites only to a selected list of directories from the huge number of directories in our list (read two tier quality checking)
  • We make sure all the directories we submit your sites are indexed and cached
  • We don’t submit to many directories hosted on the same IP address
  • We follow a manual submission procedure, we don’t use automated programs for submission
  • You can create a diverse link profile by using multiple keywords and phrases in your titles and descriptions
  • All the links obtained will be permanent, one way links
  • We provide additional services such as title and description writing service, e-mail handling service (to handle directory acknowledgement and confirmations) to save your precious time
  • We follow all the guidelines specific to each directory
  • You have the option to spread your submissions over a period of time

The Process we Follow

  1. Place the order using respective order forms
  2. One of our representative will get in touch with you if we need any further information/clarification
  3. Once we have all the required information, we start the submission process
  4. At the end of the submission process, we send you an e-mail report with all the submission details.

Why wait now? Get started right away 🙂

Click here for general directory submissions

Click here for niche directory submissions

Click here to get listed in top local directories

Submit to Finance Directories – Niche Directory Submission Service for Finance Related Websites/Blogs


January 6, 2012



Directory Submissions have been in existence for more than a decade now. It is considered to be one of the safest, easy and the most reliable link building methods. However with Google and other search engines updating their search engine algorithms very frequently, companies have started thinking out of the box and focus on other link building methods.

And one such technique launched recently by Directory Maximizer is Niche Directory Submission service. Imagine the scenario wherein you are able to submit your website or blog which is on financial services like insurance, loans, banking, investment, deposits etc to finance related directories only. Though finance directories may tend to get less volume than generic directories but your listing will stay on the front page longer and each link you get will have more “link juice.”

Apart from this you will also benefit from backlinks from relevant resources which is extremely important as search engines take relevancy into consideration. And with more links comes other benefits like more targeted traffic and a boost in your rankings making your website/blog a hit in the online world.

But one question that might arise in your mind is Why would you consider investing in our Niche Directory Submission Service? Here are a few reasons why you should:-

  • Collecting the database of the right finance directories
  • Understanding the policies and procedures regarding submissions
  • Ensuring your submission is accepted
  • Saving your valuable time and money

We have shortlisted the best Directories in finance niche. Get high value links from the most relevant directories. Also our submission cost is at least 50% less than the actual listing fees charged by these directories.

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:-






So get started with your niche finance directory submissions right away!

Submit to Business Directories – Niche Directory Submission Service for Business Related Websites/Blogs


January 2, 2012



Hailed by SEO experts, webmasters, professionals the world over, directory submissions are considered to be the oldest and the most reliable method of link building. However with the rapidly changing scenario of search engine algorithms, link building tactics have also undergone a 360 degree change.

One such successful and highly acclaimed tactic launched recently by Directory Maximizer is Niche Directory Submission Service. Consider a scenario wherein you have a website offering superior products and services. However if your prospect customers are not able to find your website using the commonly used keywords, then it’s an utter waste of opportunity for you and your business.

However if you submit your site to directories relevant to your business, you can be assured of links from relevant sources which are more valuable than links from general directories. Apart from this you also get targeted traffic and quality link juice. Thus you benefit from more visibility and leave your competitors far behind in the SEO race.

But why will you opt for directory submissions when you can do it yourself?

Here are the benefits of partnering with us in your SEO efforts:-

  • Making a database of business directories
  • Understanding the rules and regulations pertaining to submissions
  • Ensuring your submissions are accepted
  • Saving your valuable time in selecting the most specific and relevant niche for your business

One of the greatest advantages of using Directory Maximizer is that they can help you save a lot of money, because they have managed to get special rates from these niche business directories (most of the niche directories take a fee for listing a site).

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:-






So get started with your niche business directory submissions right away!