Submit to Finance Directories – Niche Directory Submission Service for Finance Related Websites/Blogs


January 6, 2012



Directory Submissions have been in existence for more than a decade now. It is considered to be one of the safest, easy and the most reliable link building methods. However with Google and other search engines updating their search engine algorithms very frequently, companies have started thinking out of the box and focus on other link building methods.

And one such technique launched recently by Directory Maximizer is Niche Directory Submission service. Imagine the scenario wherein you are able to submit your website or blog which is on financial services like insurance, loans, banking, investment, deposits etc to finance related directories only. Though finance directories may tend to get less volume than generic directories but your listing will stay on the front page longer and each link you get will have more “link juice.”

Apart from this you will also benefit from backlinks from relevant resources which is extremely important as search engines take relevancy into consideration. And with more links comes other benefits like more targeted traffic and a boost in your rankings making your website/blog a hit in the online world.

But one question that might arise in your mind is Why would you consider investing in our Niche Directory Submission Service? Here are a few reasons why you should:-

  • Collecting the database of the right finance directories
  • Understanding the policies and procedures regarding submissions
  • Ensuring your submission is accepted
  • Saving your valuable time and money

We have shortlisted the best Directories in finance niche. Get high value links from the most relevant directories. Also our submission cost is at least 50% less than the actual listing fees charged by these directories.

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:-

So get started with your niche finance directory submissions right away!

Submit to Business Directories – Niche Directory Submission Service for Business Related Websites/Blogs


January 2, 2012



Hailed by SEO experts, webmasters, professionals the world over, directory submissions are considered to be the oldest and the most reliable method of link building. However with the rapidly changing scenario of search engine algorithms, link building tactics have also undergone a 360 degree change.

One such successful and highly acclaimed tactic launched recently by Directory Maximizer is Niche Directory Submission Service. Consider a scenario wherein you have a website offering superior products and services. However if your prospect customers are not able to find your website using the commonly used keywords, then it’s an utter waste of opportunity for you and your business.

However if you submit your site to directories relevant to your business, you can be assured of links from relevant sources which are more valuable than links from general directories. Apart from this you also get targeted traffic and quality link juice. Thus you benefit from more visibility and leave your competitors far behind in the SEO race.

But why will you opt for directory submissions when you can do it yourself?

Here are the benefits of partnering with us in your SEO efforts:-

  • Making a database of business directories
  • Understanding the rules and regulations pertaining to submissions
  • Ensuring your submissions are accepted
  • Saving your valuable time in selecting the most specific and relevant niche for your business

One of the greatest advantages of using Directory Maximizer is that they can help you save a lot of money, because they have managed to get special rates from these niche business directories (most of the niche directories take a fee for listing a site).

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:-

So get started with your niche business directory submissions right away!