It’s Good To See Quality Free PHPLD Templates!


July 17, 2007



It’s good to see so many quality free PHPLD templates that are now available! The first free PHPLD templates made available were pretty basic, but now more designers are getting involved and the quality is keeps getting better.

I’ve noticed that the free PHPLD templates section of this site is getting more pageviews and downloads over the last month. There are now 53 free templates available and almost 2,000 downloads!

Here are some of my personal favorites from the collection:

SlyGreen – by Linksjuice
Glossary Orange – by My Green Corner
Coolwave – by
Explore – by
Link Gear – by Emille
Cyclone – by
Alive 3.2 – by Directory Mix
SwirlMix – by All PHPLD

If you’re a designer and offer free templates, apply to have them listed here on DC. You’ll get some extra exposure and more downloads of your template.

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