Our Server Had Hard Disk Failure


September 16, 2007



Last night, one of the hard drives on our servers failed. The result was the website going down for about 8-10 hours and some minor data lost. We restored a backup from the 13th of September so only a few days data was lost.

If you submitted your web directory after the 13th of September please resubmit it here:


If you paid for a listing, or upgraded to a premium listing please add your web directory then contact us. We will verify you made a previous payment and add your directory back to the site.

There might be a few minor glitches over the next 24 hours while we get everything back up 100%. If you find any problems throughout the site please don’t hesitate to contact us and report them.

Thanks for your patience, we’re working hard to get Directory Critic fully operational again!

New Stuff On Directory Critic!


August 22, 2007



Hi guys and girls!

We’ve added a few new features to the site in the past week. Here they are:

  1. Social Bookmarking Buttons
    If you use social bookmarking, please support us by adding the pages of this site that you like to your bookmarks. You can find buttons to all the popular social bookmarking sites on all or lists and homepage.
  2. Thumbnails On Details Pages
    We’ve now added thumbnails to the details page for all directories listed on Directory Critic. You can see an example of Aviva’s details page here.

I’ve also been talking to a few directory owners about the possibility of payment to be listed rather than reciprocal linking. Some directory owners would like the ability to pay a fee for being listed rather than placing a link to us on their site.

Soon we’ll be adding this feature, along with new featured directory listings. For a 1 time fee directory owners will be able to get listed without linking back to us. The recip linking option will still be available for those who don’t mind adding the link.

Featured listings will give directory owners the opportunity to be listed at the top of the paid directory list. Featured listings will be available on the paid list only.

So stay tuned for those updates. Any questions, post a comment!

6,000 Active & Verified Directory Ratings!


August 17, 2007



Tonight the number of active and verified webmaster ratings on Directory Critic clocked over 6,000!

Thanks to all the directory owners that send their submitters to rate their directory here. It should pay off in return traffic in the long run!


It’s Good To See Quality Free PHPLD Templates!


July 17, 2007



It’s good to see so many quality free PHPLD templates that are now available! The first free PHPLD templates made available were pretty basic, but now more designers are getting involved and the quality is keeps getting better.

I’ve noticed that the free PHPLD templates section of this site is getting more pageviews and downloads over the last month. There are now 53 free templates available and almost 2,000 downloads!

Here are some of my personal favorites from the collection:

SlyGreen – by Linksjuice
Glossary Orange – by My Green Corner
Coolwave – by PHPLD.us
Explore – by PHPLD.us
Link Gear – by Emille
Cyclone – by PHPLDTemplates.com
Alive 3.2 – by Directory Mix
SwirlMix – by All PHPLD

If you’re a designer and offer free templates, apply to have them listed here on DC. You’ll get some extra exposure and more downloads of your template.

Unique Daily Directory Submission Services by dotcompals


June 25, 2007



Want to submit your website to all the new SEO Friendly, FREE, Non reciprocal directories announced at Major Webmaster forums and Directory lists like DirectoryCritic.com?

We can submit your website to all the new directories as it is announced/launched. We offer manual Directory Submission with Quality Reports. We maintain a reports in a Google spreadsheet file and share it with you.


  • Accepting multiple anchor text links
  • Accepting multiple descriptions
  • Accepting multiple URLs including deep links
  • On an average get links in about 200+ web directories – more than half of them will turn paid after first few months.
  • This is a very cost effective way of promoting your website. Even if you get only 50 backlinks a month, that’s still only 40 cents a link!
  • Live Reporting using Google Spreadsheet
  • Easy payment options using paypal subscriptions
  • Discount on multiple orders
  • We believe in providing Quality service.


To know more about this & other web services offered by Wolrd-Click.com, write to dotcompals (at) gmail.com with details of your needs. We will get back to you in the next 24 hours. For bulk orders, send query to dotcompals @ Gmail.com.

After making payment, send your site details to dotcompals @ Gmail.com in the following order:

Title (upto 5):
URL: Descriptions (upto 3):
Name for submission:
Email for submission:
Preferred Categories:
Paypal Email:
Email for sending reports:

Read testimonials of other webmasters / SEOs using the above service

world-click.com Directory submission packages

Disclosure: This was a paid webmaster announcement. Directory Critic is in no way affiliated with World Click. If you would like to announce your webmaster service or directory here go to this page.