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Announce your new directory, directory news or webmaster resource on Directory Critic's blog! Our blog is read by thousands of webmasters every month and is a great place to get your site some extra exposure. You must write your own blog post, and you can include up to 3 links back to your site. We only post paid announcements once every 5 days.

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Get some exposure and up to 3 permanent links by announcing your directory or webmaster site on our blog. You can write up to 250 words and include up to 3 links back to your site. You may also include your logo or banner. Your post will stay on the main page for at least a week, a link to your post will go on our main page and will remain in our blog permanently.

Advertisment Details:

Availability: 1 every 5 days
Pages: 1 page (permanent)
Number of Links: 3 (can include banner or logo)
Price: $30.00

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