New Stuff On Directory Critic!


August 22, 2007



Hi guys and girls!

We’ve added a few new features to the site in the past week. Here they are:

  1. Social Bookmarking Buttons
    If you use social bookmarking, please support us by adding the pages of this site that you like to your bookmarks. You can find buttons to all the popular social bookmarking sites on all or lists and homepage.
  2. Thumbnails On Details Pages
    We’ve now added thumbnails to the details page for all directories listed on Directory Critic. You can see an example of Aviva’s details page here.

I’ve also been talking to a few directory owners about the possibility of payment to be listed rather than reciprocal linking. Some directory owners would like the ability to pay a fee for being listed rather than placing a link to us on their site.

Soon we’ll be adding this feature, along with new featured directory listings. For a 1 time fee directory owners will be able to get listed without linking back to us. The recip linking option will still be available for those who don’t mind adding the link.

Featured listings will give directory owners the opportunity to be listed at the top of the paid directory list. Featured listings will be available on the paid list only.

So stay tuned for those updates. Any questions, post a comment!

Directories On Expired Domains, Don’t Waste Your Money!


August 20, 2007



I’ve been seeing a new trend for about the past 6 months or so. The trend is buying old domains with PR5, throwing up a copy of PHPLD with a free template, calling the directory a “strong PR5” directory and charging for links. These directories are dead easy to spot, just look for the unusual name coupled with a lack of quality!

I don’t recommend you spend any money at all buying links at these directories. If they accept free listings, go ahead but don’t pay! Generally, the owners of these directories are just out to make a quick buck and will not spend any time or effort on building the traffic and popularity of the directory. We’ll see the evidence at the next PR update, but I am guessing most of these domains will lose some if not all of their PR and incoming links.

I am not saying putting directories on old domains is not a good thing to do, but like with any other directory or website, the owner has to work at it. I still believe there will come a time when a lot of directories will be dropped out of the index and only the unique, well promoted directories with added features for both users and submitters will survive.

So if you’re thinking of starting a directory, be prepared to put in some work. If you look at the top directories, their owners have put many hours into promoting and building a quality site. And the results pay off, becuase webmasters will pay to have their site listed there.

6,000 Active & Verified Directory Ratings!


August 17, 2007



Tonight the number of active and verified webmaster ratings on Directory Critic clocked over 6,000!

Thanks to all the directory owners that send their submitters to rate their directory here. It should pay off in return traffic in the long run!