Directory Maximizer Adds Two New Features


February 16, 2009



Directory Maximizer, an established name in the field of directory submissions has been working hard for more than 3 years to make directory submissions more rewarding & effortless.

Providing clients with hassle free service has been their motto throughout & with this in mind they have added 2 more features to “maximize” your directory submission experience :

1. Monthly Subscription: We all know how forgetful we can be in missing out on submitting to directories regularly. With their newly introduced “Monthly Subscription” feature, you do not have to come back every now and then to order for new directories, just opt to have your site submitted to 100 directories per month for a period of 12 months. A sure way of building a continuous flow of quality one-way links at a nominal charge of $14 per month. You also need not worry about making regular payments, as the amount would be automatically debited from your account.

2. E-mail Handling: Everyone we know is fed up of checking their mails from directories. Thanks to Directory Maximizer’s new “E-Mail Handling” service, the painful days of checking your inbox continuously for e-mails from directories are gone, they will take over & all you need to do is enjoy the results. They will open a new email account solely dedicated for your submissions and will respond to all the mails coming from the directories, be it a confirmation mail, approval mail or something which requires you to click back for a link approval. All this is for a minimal cost of 2 cents per submission. Thus if you opt for an e-mail handling service along with your submissions it will only cost you a total of 16 cents per submission.

With these new features in the kitty of Directory Maximizer, they have taken directory submission service to a new level. Their constant desire to innovate & discover new customer satisfaction techniques continue making directory submissions with them a rewarding experience.

New Alive Blog Directory, Check It Out!


September 1, 2007



I’d be surprised that anyone reading this post has not heard of Alive Web Directory. Alive is one of the most well-promoted and quality directories on the web today. It’s always on my “must submit” list of directories I submit my new sites to.

Alive Directory has just launched a new blog directory. The blog directory has been built on the Alive Directory domain and will benefit from the authority, traffic and backlinks. Like the main Alive Directory, Alive’s blog directory has a huge selection of categories and submission options. You can choose from yearly or permanent listings and deep linking options are also available.

I have always valued Alive Directory as one of the best in the business, and I think if you own a blog you should definitely consider submitting it to Alive’s new blog directory.

Note: This was not a paid post. I always disclose paid posts on this blog. I genuinely do submit my sites to Alive Directory and recommend it to Directory Critic visitors.

Directories On Expired Domains, Don’t Waste Your Money!


August 20, 2007



I’ve been seeing a new trend for about the past 6 months or so. The trend is buying old domains with PR5, throwing up a copy of PHPLD with a free template, calling the directory a “strong PR5” directory and charging for links. These directories are dead easy to spot, just look for the unusual name coupled with a lack of quality!

I don’t recommend you spend any money at all buying links at these directories. If they accept free listings, go ahead but don’t pay! Generally, the owners of these directories are just out to make a quick buck and will not spend any time or effort on building the traffic and popularity of the directory. We’ll see the evidence at the next PR update, but I am guessing most of these domains will lose some if not all of their PR and incoming links.

I am not saying putting directories on old domains is not a good thing to do, but like with any other directory or website, the owner has to work at it. I still believe there will come a time when a lot of directories will be dropped out of the index and only the unique, well promoted directories with added features for both users and submitters will survive.

So if you’re thinking of starting a directory, be prepared to put in some work. If you look at the top directories, their owners have put many hours into promoting and building a quality site. And the results pay off, becuase webmasters will pay to have their site listed there.

Which Directories Send Me Traffic


July 31, 2007



To be honest, when I submit my link to most web directories I don’t expect to get any traffic at all back. I use web directories for links, not traffic, that’s it. The only directory I expect to get an decent traffic from is Yahoo! Directory. But when I was going through my stats for all my smaller sites this morning I noticed I was getting traffic from a number of directories I submitted to. So I thought I’d make a list of the directories that sent me traffic.

The amount of traffic sent by each directory varied site to site. Generally speaking, only 1 or 2 free directories sent me traffic the rest were paid placements. So, here’s the list of directories that sent me traffic:

  1. Aviva Directory (send on a few sites too)
  2. King Bloom
  3. Best Of The Web (my 2 month free sponsor sent quite a few, as did regular listings)
  4. Yahoo! (easily send the most traffic – but it’s the most expensive)
  5. Directory Panel
  6. Links Juice
  7. DirSpace
  8. Ezilon
  9. Joe Ant
  10. y7n Directory
  11. Romow

There were a lot of other directories that did send traffic, but it was only about 1-2 visitors a month which does make the list!

If you look at the above list you’ll see a very obvious trend…they are all quality, well managed directories. Which means not only do they send a bit of traffic, but your link is actually worth something when you submit it.

If you ask me, directory link building is definately not dead. I have just become a lot more selective about the site(s) I submit my site to. My old methods were to grab every link I could get, but that’s definately changed – especially with my larger sites.

It’s easy to see who puts time, effort and money into making a solid directory. These are the directories that you want your site listed in. And for the directory owners, the time, effort and money should pay off 🙂

Unique Daily Directory Submission Services by dotcompals


June 25, 2007



Want to submit your website to all the new SEO Friendly, FREE, Non reciprocal directories announced at Major Webmaster forums and Directory lists like

We can submit your website to all the new directories as it is announced/launched. We offer manual Directory Submission with Quality Reports. We maintain a reports in a Google spreadsheet file and share it with you.


  • Accepting multiple anchor text links
  • Accepting multiple descriptions
  • Accepting multiple URLs including deep links
  • On an average get links in about 200+ web directories – more than half of them will turn paid after first few months.
  • This is a very cost effective way of promoting your website. Even if you get only 50 backlinks a month, that’s still only 40 cents a link!
  • Live Reporting using Google Spreadsheet
  • Easy payment options using paypal subscriptions
  • Discount on multiple orders
  • We believe in providing Quality service.


To know more about this & other web services offered by, write to dotcompals (at) with details of your needs. We will get back to you in the next 24 hours. For bulk orders, send query to dotcompals @

After making payment, send your site details to dotcompals @ in the following order:

Title (upto 5):
URL: Descriptions (upto 3):
Name for submission:
Email for submission:
Preferred Categories:
Paypal Email:
Email for sending reports:

Read testimonials of other webmasters / SEOs using the above service Directory submission packages

Disclosure: This was a paid webmaster announcement. Directory Critic is in no way affiliated with World Click. If you would like to announce your webmaster service or directory here go to this page.

BOTW – Get 20% Off This Month


June 14, 2007



Another deal from BOTW (best of the web). This month (June) they are offering 20% of any website submitted. To get the 20% off you need to enter this code:


If you’re serious about promoting your new site, I suggest you submit as it’s an easy way to get an authority backlink!