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July 31, 2007



To be honest, when I submit my link to most web directories I don’t expect to get any traffic at all back. I use web directories for links, not traffic, that’s it. The only directory I expect to get an decent traffic from is Yahoo! Directory. But when I was going through my stats for all my smaller sites this morning I noticed I was getting traffic from a number of directories I submitted to. So I thought I’d make a list of the directories that sent me traffic.

The amount of traffic sent by each directory varied site to site. Generally speaking, only 1 or 2 free directories sent me traffic the rest were paid placements. So, here’s the list of directories that sent me traffic:

  1. Aviva Directory (send on a few sites too)
  2. King Bloom
  3. Best Of The Web (my 2 month free sponsor sent quite a few, as did regular listings)
  4. Yahoo! (easily send the most traffic – but it’s the most expensive)
  5. Directory Panel
  6. Links Juice
  7. DirSpace
  8. Ezilon
  9. Joe Ant
  10. y7n Directory
  11. Romow

There were a lot of other directories that did send traffic, but it was only about 1-2 visitors a month which does make the list!

If you look at the above list you’ll see a very obvious trend…they are all quality, well managed directories. Which means not only do they send a bit of traffic, but your link is actually worth something when you submit it.

If you ask me, directory link building is definately not dead. I have just become a lot more selective about the site(s) I submit my site to. My old methods were to grab every link I could get, but that’s definately changed – especially with my larger sites.

It’s easy to see who puts time, effort and money into making a solid directory. These are the directories that you want your site listed in. And for the directory owners, the time, effort and money should pay off 🙂

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  1. open web directory on July 27th, 2008

    open web directory…

    Lucky for us, this is an exciting time to play around with semantic formats because new services and applications that utilize it are starting to pop up like never before. We’ re still waiting for the killer application, but that won’ t happen befo…

  2. thecritic on July 30th, 2008

    Ya, semantic web is the next wave which will come soon since search engines are now realizing that the very meaning and understanding in the web page is more important than the text in the document.

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