Directory Critic Gets Critiqued!


August 22, 2006



I was pleased to see that Directory Critic copped a good review by the team at Site Review Blog. It seems whoever wrote the review has been using this site and had some good experiences. I like the comment about “modern design”, lol, I can’t design to save my life! Well, I guess it’s functional and works.

In other news, this week the lists will hit the 1800 mark! w00t w00t! I think it will pass the 2k mark by the end of next month.

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  1. Marius on August 22nd, 2006

    “In the time between when I first found this site and when I went back, there had been about another 100 or so directoires added to the list. This was a good sign that the site gets regular updates and will continue to be a useful place to all Webmasters building links to their websites.”

    I wish you to be “critiqued” this way, for many , many years!
    Thanks for such a great place!

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