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December 15, 2011



Directory submissions are an effective link building technique that has been hailed by professionals, SEO Experts and Webmasters. Since rapid changes have taken place in search engine algorithms over the years, it has given rise to various other link building tactics

And one such tactic is Niche Directory Submission launched recently by Directory Maximizer for Automotive related websites. For example – You run an automotive website dealing with spares or bearings or you have a personal blog on the automobile industry, then these auto-related directories would be just the right fit. Now when you submit your site to automotive only directories, you benefit from targeted traffic as well quality niche links which are more valuable than other kinds of links. The end result you stay ahead of your peers.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a Directory Submission Service for automotive directories:-

  • Saves time in finding the right automotive category
  • Collecting database of specific automotive directories only
  • Understanding the submissions and procedures of various automotive directories
  • Ensuring that your submission is accepted

Using Directory Maximizer can help you save lot of money, because they have managed to get special rates from these niche directories (most of the niche directories charge a fee for listing a site).

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:

So get started with your automotive directory submissions right away!

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