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December 25, 2011



Being in the field of SEO & Internet Marketing, you are sure to know the importance of links and how and why they are important. Getting quality and relevant links has never been easy, the good links are hard to come by and especially getting links for your SEO/Internet Marketing website and blog is quite tough.

This is where niche directories come in. Getting links from quality niche directories that list only SEO & Internet marketing related companies, websites and blogs can go a long way in helping your site rank higher on the basis of these highly relevant links.

So how and where do you get these links from? Well, Directory Maximizer has just launched a Niche Directory Submission service where they have compiled lists of SEO & Internet Marketing specific niche directories amongst various other niches, which you can use to submit your site to.

Why use Directory Maximizer?

Submitting your sites to directories can be done by anyone. However, there are some practical difficulties that you might encounter such as –

  • Collecting the database of SEO directories that are active, well-managed and that actually review and approve website.
  • Understanding the submission form and the procedures of these SEO related directories.
  • Ensuring that your submission is accepted
  • Saving time from having to go through the hundreds of category options, filling the forms, etc.

Directory Maximizer can also help you save lot of money, because they have managed to get special rates from these niche SEO directories (most of these directories, justifiably so, take a review fee for listing a site).

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under

So get started with your SEO related directory submissions right away!

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