What are the main features of Sendible?


June 1, 2023



Overview of Sendible

Sendible is a social media management platform that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to manage all their social media accounts in one place. The platform enables users to manage their social media presence, publish content, monitor their brand, and analyze their performance. Sendible is ideal for businesses, marketing agencies, and social media managers who want to streamline their social media marketing efforts and save time.

Social Media Management Tools

Sendible offers a range of social media management tools to help users manage their social media accounts effectively. Users can connect their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts to Sendible, and manage them all from one dashboard. Sendible also allows users to schedule social media posts in advance, so they can plan their social media content in advance. Moreover, users can collaborate with team members to create and edit social media content.

Content Planning & Publishing

Sendible provides users with a content planner that enables them to plan their social media content in advance. The content planner allows users to schedule posts, create content calendars, and review their content before it’s published. Sendible also provides a content library where users can store and manage their social media content, so they can easily reuse and repurpose their content.

Monitoring & Analytics

Sendible enables users to monitor their brand and track their social media performance. Users can monitor brand mentions, track keywords and hashtags, and monitor their competitors’ social media activities. Sendible also provides users with detailed analytics and reports that enable them to track their social media performance over time. With Sendible’s monitoring and analytics tools, users can gain valuable insights into their social media presence and make data-driven decisions.

Team collaboration and workflows

Sendible offers team collaboration tools that make it easy for teams to work together on social media campaigns. Users can assign tasks to team members, create workflows, and collaborate on content creation. Moreover, Sendible provides a team calendar that enables users to see what their team members are working on and when their content will be published.

Automated Social Media Marketing

Sendible offers automated social media marketing tools that save users time and effort. Users can set up automated social media campaigns that automatically publish content at specific times and intervals. They can also set up automated social media responses to common customer inquiries, which saves them time and improves their customer service.

Reporting & Analytics

Sendible provides users with detailed social media analytics and reports that enable them to track their performance over time. Users can track their follower growth, engagement rates, and other metrics. They can also create custom reports that highlight the metrics that matter most to them. With Sendible’s reporting and analytics tools, users can gain valuable insights into their social media performance and make data-driven decisions.

Customer Service & Support

Sendible provides users with excellent customer service and support. Users can get in touch with the Sendible support team via email or live chat. Moreover, Sendible provides users with a comprehensive knowledge base that contains articles, guides, and tutorials that help users get the most out of the platform. With Sendible’s customer service and support, users can get the help they need to succeed on social media.

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