New DEEP LINKS Directory List


April 21, 2006



Well, you asked for it guys n girls now you have it! I have had loads of emails and requests about getting a deep links directory list up on the site and no I’ve (finally) got around to doing it! Here’s the link, add it to your bookmarks!

Deep Links Directory List

The directories on the deep links list are broken down into 2 types. Directories that accept deep links for free listings (indicated on the list by “all”) and directories that only accept deep links for paid listings (indicated on the list by “paid only”).

Pretty simple eh? Now it’s just a matter of getting the list up to date. This is where you directory owners come in. I have set the default deep links to no, so if your directory does accept deep links you gotta let me know so I can update your details.

To update your details please read this thread on DigitalPoint forums. Post your directory name followed by either ALL or PAID ONLY and I will update add your directory to the list asap.

Any feedback or comments are always appreciated, just comment to this post.


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