Is there a limit to the number of team members I can invite to MeetEdgar?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: The question of team member limits

As a business grows, so does the need for a cohesive social media strategy. For that reason, teams often seek out tools like MeetEdgar to manage their social media presence. But with the growth of a team comes the question of how many team members can access the MeetEdgar account. This article will explore the limitations of MeetEdgar’s team member invitations and pricing plans.

MeetEdgar’s team member invitation process

MeetEdgar allows for multiple team members to access the account, but invites must be sent by the account owner. To invite a team member, the account owner must navigate to the "Team" section of the MeetEdgar dashboard and enter the new member’s email address. The team member will then receive an email invitation with instructions to create their own MeetEdgar login credentials.

Understanding MeetEdgar’s pricing plans

MeetEdgar offers three pricing plans: Solo, Edgar Lite, and Edgar. Each plan includes different features and limitations, which will impact the number of team members able to access the account. It’s important to understand these differences when selecting a plan for your team.

Team size limitations for MeetEdgar’s Solo plan

MeetEdgar’s Solo plan is the most basic option, and is intended for individuals rather than teams. As such, it only allows for one user to access the account. Businesses with a team will need to select one of MeetEdgar’s higher-tier plans.

Team size limitations for MeetEdgar’s Edgar Lite plan

MeetEdgar’s Edgar Lite plan is the first step up from the Solo plan, and allows for three team members to access the account. This plan is ideal for smaller teams looking to collaborate on their social media strategy.

Team size limitations for MeetEdgar’s Edgar plan

MeetEdgar’s top-tier plan, simply called "Edgar," includes the most features and allows for up to ten team members to access the account. This plan is best suited for larger teams with complex social media needs.

How to determine the best pricing plan for your team

When selecting a MeetEdgar pricing plan, it’s important to consider your team size and social media needs. If you have a smaller team with simple social media requirements, the Edgar Lite plan may suffice. However, if you have a larger team or more complex social media needs, the Edgar plan may be necessary.

Conclusion: Meeting your team’s social media needs with MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a powerful tool for social media management, but it’s important to understand its limitations when it comes to team member invitations and pricing plans. By selecting the plan that best fits your team’s needs, you can effectively collaborate on your social media strategy and grow your online presence.

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