Is there a limit to the number of posts I can schedule on Post Planner?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: Understanding Post Planner Scheduling

Post Planner is a social media scheduling tool that allows users to plan and automate their content creation and publishing on various social media platforms. It is designed to help businesses, marketers, and bloggers streamline their social media marketing efforts, save time, and increase engagement. With Post Planner, users can schedule posts in advance, curate content, and analyze their performance.

The Basic Limitations of Post Planner

Like any other social media scheduling tool, Post Planner has certain limitations that users should be aware of. For instance, it does not allow users to schedule more than one post per minute on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This is to prevent spamming and ensure that the content is distributed evenly throughout the day. Additionally, Post Planner limits the number of posts a user can schedule based on their subscription plan, social media accounts, and posting frequency.

How Many Posts Can You Schedule On Post Planner?

The number of posts you can schedule on Post Planner depends on your subscription plan and the social media platforms you want to post on. For example, the "Starter" plan allows you to schedule up to 10 posts per day on one social media account, while the "Love" plan allows you to schedule up to 100 posts per day on up to 10 social media accounts. However, it’s important to note that scheduling too many posts can negatively impact your engagement as it can come across as spammy or disingenuous.

Increasing Your Post Planner Posting Limit

If you need to schedule more posts than your current Post Planner plan allows, there are a few options available. You can upgrade your subscription plan to one with higher limits, or you can purchase add-ons that allow you to schedule more posts or add more social media accounts. Additionally, you can try optimizing your posting schedule by finding the best times to post for your target audience and spacing out your posts accordingly.

The Benefits of a Higher Posting Limit

Having a higher posting limit on Post Planner can provide several benefits, such as increased visibility, better engagement, and improved brand awareness. By scheduling more posts, you can reach a larger audience, share more valuable content, and establish a consistent social media presence. This can help build trust and credibility with your followers, which can ultimately lead to more conversions and sales.

Practical Strategies for Scheduling Posts

To make the most of your Post Planner posting limit, it’s important to have a clear content strategy and schedule. You can start by creating a content calendar that outlines the types of content you want to share, the frequency of posts, and the social media platforms you want to target. You can also use Post Planner’s content curation feature to find and share relevant content from other sources in your industry.

Tips for Staying Within Posting Limits

While it can be tempting to schedule as many posts as possible, it’s important to stay within your Post Planner posting limit to avoid being flagged as a spammer. To do this, you can prioritize quality over quantity by focusing on creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience. You can also monitor your engagement metrics regularly to see how your posts are performing and adjust your posting frequency accordingly.

Conclusion: Maximizing Your Social Media Presence with Post Planner

Post Planner is a powerful tool for scheduling and automating your social media content, but it does have certain limitations in terms of posting frequency. By understanding these limitations and using practical strategies for scheduling posts, you can make the most of your Post Planner posting limit and maximize your social media presence. With a well-planned content strategy and consistent posting schedule, you can build a strong following, increase engagement, and achieve your social media marketing goals.

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