Finally got some rate buttons!


June 7, 2006



After about 2 months of talking about it, I finally had some rate buttons and banners made for Directory Critic! You can view the new buttons on the Banners & Buttons page.

I’ve also whipped up a quick script that allows directory owners to create the custom HTML to paste into their directory. All you have to do is select which button you want, then select your directory from the list and copy the code. Simple. We server the banners from our site, so there’s no need to copy any images.

In other site news, I’ve been adding loads of new directories to the lists as well as making countless updates. Thank you to everyone who has been helping me out by using the report link next to directory listings to report any directory changes (like switch from free to paid, directory down, stopped submissions etc). When I get reports from my reporting bot, I make the changes within 12 hours or so. So this means the lists are really kept up-to-date. So thanks for that.

One more thing, some of you may have noticed a link has popped up in the main menu to my new webmaster directory. This directory is not offically launching until the 15th of June, but you can head over and check it out. I’ve just got a few more design, seo and category additions to do. Of course, I’ll be announcing it in all the usual places.
That’s all for now, happy submitting!!

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  1. Ryan on June 16th, 2006

    Great work on the buttons, they look really good.

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