Does MeetEdgar offer any social media listening features?


June 1, 2023



What is MeetEdgar?

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and automate their social media content. It was created by Laura Roeder in 2014 and has since become a popular tool for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their social media presence. MeetEdgar allows users to create content categories, schedule posts in advance, and recycle old content to keep their social media profiles active and engaging.

MeetEdgar’s social media automation

MeetEdgar’s main feature is its social media automation capabilities. Users can create a content library with categories for different types of posts, such as promotional content, industry news, or customer testimonials. They can then schedule posts in advance and choose which categories to pull content from. MeetEdgar also has a feature called "Auto Variations," which automatically generates different versions of a post so that it can be shared multiple times without appearing repetitive.

The importance of social media listening

Social media listening refers to the practice of monitoring social media platforms for mentions of a brand, product, or industry. It allows businesses to gather insights about their audience, track their reputation, and identify potential opportunities or threats. Social media listening can also help businesses stay on top of industry trends, monitor their competitors, and identify influencers or brand advocates.

MeetEdgar’s social media monitoring

MeetEdgar does not have a dedicated social media listening feature, but it does have a social media monitoring feature that allows users to track mentions of their brand on social media. Users can connect their social media accounts to MeetEdgar and view a feed of their mentions, which can be filtered by platform or date range. While this feature is useful for tracking brand mentions, it does not offer the same level of insight as a dedicated social media listening tool.

MeetEdgar’s listening features

MeetEdgar does offer some basic listening features, such as the ability to track keywords and hashtags on Twitter. Users can create a saved search for a particular keyword or hashtag and view all tweets containing that term in their MeetEdgar dashboard. While this can be useful for tracking industry trends or monitoring competitors, it is not as robust as a dedicated social media listening tool.

MeetEdgar’s analytics capabilities

MeetEdgar offers basic analytics for social media profiles connected to the platform. Users can view metrics such as post engagement, follower growth, and click-through rates. While these metrics can be useful for tracking the performance of individual posts or campaigns, they do not provide the same level of detailed insights as a dedicated social media analytics tool.

MeetEdgar’s sentiment analysis

MeetEdgar does not offer sentiment analysis, which is the process of analyzing social media mentions for positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. Sentiment analysis can be useful for tracking brand reputation and identifying potential issues, but it requires sophisticated natural language processing technology that is not currently offered by MeetEdgar.

Is MeetEdgar the right tool for your social listening needs?

MeetEdgar is a great tool for automating social media content and tracking brand mentions, but it is not a dedicated social media listening tool. If you are looking for a platform that offers more advanced listening features, such as sentiment analysis or competitor analysis, you may want to consider a different tool. However, if you are primarily looking to streamline your social media content and stay on top of brand mentions, MeetEdgar may be the right choice for you.

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