Does Later provide any content scheduling recommendations for Instagram?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: What is Later?

Later is a social media management tool that lets users schedule and publish content on various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It is designed to help individuals and businesses save time by streamlining their social media workflows. With Later, users can create, plan, and publish posts, as well as track their performance and engagement.

Later’s Instagram Scheduling Features

Later offers several scheduling features for Instagram. Users can schedule posts, stories, and carousel posts in advance, and organize them in a visual content calendar. They can also add captions and hashtags, and tag other users and locations. Later’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to rearrange posts and adjust their timing. Additionally, Later offers a variety of post templates, including grid previews, to help users visualize their Instagram feed.

Does Later Offer Scheduling Recommendations?

Yes, Later provides some recommendations for Instagram scheduling. Its Best Time to Post feature analyzes your Instagram account’s engagement data and suggests optimal posting times based on when your followers are most active. This feature takes into account factors such as time zones, historical engagement patterns, and post frequency. However, it’s important to note that these recommendations are not always accurate, as individual audiences may differ in their online behavior.

Understanding Later’s Best Time to Post Feature

Later’s Best Time to Post feature is available on all paid plans. To access it, users need to connect their Instagram account and wait for Later to gather enough data. Once the feature is enabled, users can view a graph that displays their followers’ average engagement levels by hour and day of the week. The graph also highlights the time slots with the highest engagement rates and suggests when to post accordingly. Users can adjust the time zone and compare data from the past week or month.

How Later’s Analytics Can Inform Your Scheduling Strategy

In addition to the Best Time to Post feature, Later offers various analytics tools that can help users improve their Instagram scheduling strategy. For instance, the Analytics dashboard provides insights into post performance, audience demographics, and follower growth. Users can view metrics such as impressions, likes, comments, and saves, and compare them across different posts and time periods. They can also track hashtag performance and monitor their competitors’ activity.

Tips for Creating a Strong Instagram Content Calendar

To create a strong Instagram content calendar with Later, users should consider the following tips:

  • Define their goals and target audience
  • Plan for different types of content, such as product shots, behind-the-scenes photos, and user-generated content
  • Use a mix of post formats, such as carousels, videos, and stories
  • Incorporate relevant hashtags and calls to action
  • Align their content with seasonal trends and events
  • Leave room for spontaneous posts and engagement opportunities

Other Tools and Strategies for Instagram Scheduling

While Later is a comprehensive tool for Instagram scheduling, there are other tools and strategies that users can leverage to enhance their social media presence. Some of these include:

  • Instagram Insights, which provides additional data on audience engagement, reach, and impressions
  • Hashtag generators, such as Flick and HashtagsForLikes, which suggest relevant hashtags for specific topics
  • Content curation tools, such as Feedly and Pocket, which help users discover and organize content from other sources
  • Influencer partnerships, which can increase brand awareness and credibility

Final Thoughts on Later and Instagram Scheduling

Overall, Later is a powerful tool for Instagram scheduling that offers a range of features and analytics. While its scheduling recommendations may not always be accurate, they can serve as a starting point for users to experiment with their posting times. By combining Later with other tools and strategies, users can create a robust Instagram presence that resonates with their audience and achieves their goals.

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