Does Kevin Indig provide insights into mobile SEO optimization and best practices?


May 31, 2023



Introduction: Who is Kevin Indig?

Kevin Indig is a renowned SEO expert who has extensive experience in the industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including Atlassian, Dailymotion, and eBay. Kevin is currently the VP of SEO and Content at G2, a platform that provides buying advice and ratings for software and services. He is also a regular speaker at various conferences, including SMX, BrightonSEO, and PubCon.

Mobile SEO Basics: Why is it important?

Mobile SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With the rise of mobile usage, businesses have to ensure that their websites are optimized for mobile users. Mobile SEO is crucial because it helps businesses reach a wider audience. Google has also made it clear that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor, which means that websites that are not optimized for mobile devices are likely to rank lower in search results.

What are Kevin Indig’s Mobile SEO Insights?

Kevin Indig’s mobile SEO insights are based on his years of experience in the industry. He believes that mobile SEO is not just about making a website mobile-friendly, but also about providing a great user experience. He emphasizes the importance of page speed and recommends that businesses invest in AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to improve their website’s load time. Kevin also stresses the need for businesses to optimize their content for mobile devices, as mobile users typically consume content differently from desktop users.

Kevin Indig’s Best Practices for Mobile Optimization

Kevin Indig’s best practices for mobile optimization include:

  1. Prioritizing page speed: Businesses should ensure that their website loads quickly on mobile devices.

  2. Optimizing for mobile search: Websites should be optimized for mobile search, which involves using mobile-friendly keywords, creating mobile-specific content, and optimizing for local search.

  3. Investing in AMP: Kevin recommends that businesses invest in AMP to improve their website’s load time.

  4. Creating a responsive design: Websites should be designed to be responsive, which means that they should adapt to the screen size of the device being used.

How to Implement Kevin Indig’s Mobile SEO Strategies

To implement Kevin Indig’s mobile SEO strategies, businesses should:

  1. Conduct a mobile audit to identify areas that need improvement.

  2. Optimize their content for mobile devices and mobile search.

  3. Invest in AMP to improve page speed.

  4. Ensure that their website is designed to be responsive.

Case Studies: Kevin Indig’s Success Stories

Kevin Indig has helped numerous businesses improve their mobile SEO. One of his success stories is eBay, where he helped increase the organic mobile traffic by 60% in just four months. Another success story is Atlassian, where he helped increase the organic mobile traffic by 30% in six months.

The Future of Mobile SEO and Kevin Indig’s Predictions

Kevin Indig predicts that mobile SEO will continue to be important in the future. He believes that businesses will need to focus on providing a great user experience on mobile devices, as well as optimizing for voice search. He also predicts that AMP will become even more important, and businesses that don’t invest in AMP will fall behind.

Conclusion: Is Kevin Indig’s Advice Worth Following?

Kevin Indig’s advice on mobile SEO is worth following, as he has extensive experience in the industry and has helped numerous businesses improve their mobile SEO. His insights are practical and actionable, and his success stories demonstrate that his strategies work. Businesses that follow his advice are likely to see an improvement in their mobile SEO and reach a wider audience.

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