Does Buffer offer customer support?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: Does Buffer offer customer support?

Buffer is a web application that is designed to help businesses manage their social media accounts by scheduling, publishing, and analyzing posts. Customer support is a vital aspect of any business, and Buffer is no exception. As a company that provides a service to its customers, it is imperative that they offer reliable and efficient customer support. So, the question is, does Buffer offer customer support? In this article, we will explore the types of customer support offered by Buffer, the availability of customer support, and the quality of support offered.

Types of Customer Support Offered by Buffer

Buffer offers various types of customer support to its users. Firstly, they have a comprehensive Help Center that provides answers to frequently asked questions and guides on how to use the platform. Secondly, Buffer has an email support system that allows users to send their queries to the Buffer support team. Thirdly, Buffer has a live chat feature where users can chat with a member of the support team in real-time. Lastly, Buffer offers a social media support system where users can reach out to them on various social media platforms.

Availability of Customer Support

Buffer offers customer support 24/7. The Help Center is always available, and users can access it at any time. However, email support, live chat, and social media support are only available during business hours. Buffer’s business hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST. If a user sends an email outside these hours, they will receive a response as soon as the support team is back online.

How to Contact Buffer for Customer Support

Users can contact Buffer for customer support by sending an email to their support team, using the live chat feature on their website, or reaching out to them on social media. Buffer’s website has a contact us page that contains all the necessary information on how to contact their support team.

Buffer’s Response Time for Customer Queries

Buffer’s response time for customer queries varies depending on the type of support channel used. Generally, the Help Center provides instant answers to frequently asked questions, while email support has a response time of 24 to 48 hours. The live chat feature offers an average response time of 2 to 5 minutes, while social media support has a response time of a few hours.

Quality of Customer Support Offered by Buffer

Buffer’s customer support team is known for being helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They go above and beyond to ensure that users get the support they need. The Help Center is well organized, and users can easily find answers to their questions. The response time for emails and live chat is reasonable, and users receive helpful and informative responses.

How Customer Feedback is Used by Buffer

Buffer takes customer feedback seriously and uses it to improve its services. They have a feedback system that allows users to suggest features and improvements they would like to see on the platform. The feedback is reviewed by the product team, and if it aligns with the company’s vision, it is implemented.

Conclusion: Does Buffer Provide Efficient Customer Support?

In conclusion, Buffer provides efficient customer support through various channels, including a Help Center, email support, live chat, and social media support. The support team is available during business hours and is known for being helpful and friendly. Buffer takes customer feedback seriously and uses it to improve its services. Overall, Buffer provides reliable and efficient customer support that users can rely on.

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