Does AgoraPulse provide a URL shortening service?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: AgoraPulse and URL Shortening

AgoraPulse is a social media management tool designed to help businesses manage their social media accounts on various platforms. URL shortening is a process of converting a long URL into a shorter one, which is easier to share and track. Many social media platforms have character limits, and long URLs take up a lot of space, making it difficult to share content effectively. Therefore, URL shortening services have become popular among social media managers.

Understanding URL Shortening

URL shortening is the process of creating a shorter version of a long URL, which redirects to the original URL when clicked. Shortened URLs are created using a domain name that is different from the original one. These links are generally used for social media posts, emails, or other forms of digital communication. URL shortening services helped to minimize the length of a URL while also providing analytics for tracking clicks and engagement.

Benefits of URL Shortening Services

URL shortening services provide several benefits to businesses. Shortened URLs are easier to share and more visually appealing than long URLs. They also provide tracking and analytics, which help businesses measure the success of their social media campaigns. Shortened URLs can be branded, which increases brand visibility and improves brand recognition. Additionally, URL shortening services can help to protect against link rot, where links become obsolete and no longer redirect to the intended destination.

AgoraPulse Features: What to Expect

AgoraPulse offers a URL shortening service that allows users to shorten links and track clicks. The tool comes with a built-in link shortener that automatically shortens URLs when users share them on social media. Users can also generate custom short links that are branded and easy to remember. AgoraPulse provides analytics to measure clicks, engagement, and overall performance. Additionally, the tool allows users to schedule social media posts, monitor brand mentions, and collaborate with team members.

How to Use AgoraPulse URL Shortening Service

To use AgoraPulse URL shortening service, users need to create an account and connect their social media accounts. Once connected, users can shorten links by either pasting the long URL into the AgoraPulse dashboard or using the built-in link shortener when creating social media posts. Users can also create custom short links that are branded and easy to remember. AgoraPulse provides analytics to measure clicks, engagement, and overall performance.

Limitations of AgoraPulse URL Shortening

AgoraPulse URL shortening service is limited to users who have an AgoraPulse account. Users who do not have an AgoraPulse account cannot use the URL shortening service. AgoraPulse also charges for its URL shortening service, and the pricing plans vary depending on the number of social media accounts and features required.

Alternatives to AgoraPulse URL Shortening Service

There are several alternatives to AgoraPulse URL shortening service, including Bitly, TinyURL, and These services provide similar features, including link shortening, tracking, and analytics. Bitly is a popular URL shortening service that offers a free plan and paid plans for advanced features. TinyURL is a simple and straightforward URL shortening service, while is a part of the Hootsuite social media management tool.

Conclusion: Is AgoraPulse URL Shortening Right for You?

AgoraPulse URL shortening service is a useful tool for businesses that require social media management and analytics. If you are already using AgoraPulse for social media management, then the URL shortening service may be a convenient option. However, if you are looking for a standalone URL shortening service, then AgoraPulse may not be the best option due to its limited features and pricing plans. Consider other URL shortening services that offer similar features and are more cost-effective.

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