Directory Critic Goes Static


April 16, 2006



I’ve just completed another behind-the-scenes update for the site. Directory Critic’s linking structure is now 100% static. Meaning there’s no more index.php?page=blah&id=56656, it’s now all html links. Why was this update important? I’ll tell you…

  1. More pages for Google and other SE’s to index easily. This is not only better for search engine traffic to the site, but better for our sitewide advertisers who will get more backlinks.
  2. Better PR distribution throughout the site
  3. Static URL for directory ratings. If you want your visitors to rate your directory you can now send the to a static url. Additionally, if you link back to this static URL from all your directory pages the PR of the page will increase and because your homepage link is on the page some of the PR will be passed back to you.
  4. Static URL for view details pages.

Google spiders this site lik crazy, and once it gets through the new static link setup I expect the number of pages indexed for this site to double.

Which is good for everyone :)

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