Can I schedule recurring posts on CoSchedule?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: CoSchedule Recurring Posts

CoSchedule is a popular content marketing calendar tool that helps businesses manage multiple social media platforms, blog posts, and other marketing activities. It comes with a variety of features that allow marketers to streamline their workflows and save time. One of the most useful features of CoSchedule is the ability to schedule recurring posts. In this article, we will explore how to set up and manage recurring posts on CoSchedule.

What are recurring posts?

Recurring posts are a type of content that is published on a regular basis, such as weekly blog posts, daily social media updates, or monthly newsletters. These posts follow a fixed schedule and are usually created in advance, so they can be scheduled in advance to ensure they are published on time. Recurring posts are a great way to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date with your brand, while also saving time and effort.

Can I schedule recurring posts on CoSchedule?

Yes, CoSchedule allows you to schedule recurring posts for your social media profiles, blog, and other marketing channels. This feature is available to all CoSchedule users, regardless of their plan. With recurring posts, you can easily automate your content publishing schedule and ensure that your audience sees your content on a regular basis.

How to set up recurring posts on CoSchedule

Setting up recurring posts on CoSchedule is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the CoSchedule calendar and select the social media profile, blog, or other channel where you want to schedule recurring posts.
  2. Click on the "Add New" button and select "Recurring Post".
  3. Choose the frequency of your recurring post, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  4. Set the start and end dates for your recurring post.
  5. Create your post content, including text, images, and links.
  6. Set the time and date when you want your post to be published.
  7. Click on "Schedule" to publish your recurring post.

The benefits of using recurring posts

Recurring posts offer many benefits for businesses and marketers. Some of the most important benefits include:

  1. Consistency: Recurring posts help you maintain a regular publishing schedule, which can help you build a loyal audience and increase engagement.
  2. Time-saving: With recurring posts, you can automate your content publishing schedule, which saves you time and effort.
  3. Better planning: Recurring posts allow you to plan your content in advance, which gives you more time to focus on other important tasks.

How to manage recurring posts on CoSchedule

Managing recurring posts on CoSchedule is easy. Simply open the calendar and select the recurring post you want to edit. You can change the post content, schedule, or frequency as needed. You can also view all your recurring posts in one place by selecting the "Recurring Posts" tab on the calendar.

Best practices for scheduling recurring posts

To get the most out of recurring posts on CoSchedule, here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Plan your content in advance: Create a content calendar to plan your recurring posts in advance, so you can stay organized and on track.
  2. Monitor your analytics: Keep track of your post engagement and adjust your frequency or content as needed.
  3. Mix up your content: Don’t post the same type of content every time. Mix it up with different formats, such as videos, infographics, or polls.

Conclusion: Recurring Posts with CoSchedule

Recurring posts are a powerful tool for businesses and marketers who want to maintain a consistent content publishing schedule while also saving time and effort. With CoSchedule, you can easily set up and manage recurring posts for your social media profiles, blog, and other marketing channels. By following best practices and monitoring your analytics, you can ensure that your recurring posts are engaging, effective, and valuable to your audience.

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