Can I create and schedule polls or surveys on MeetEdgar?


June 1, 2023



Introduction: MeetEdgar and Polls/Surveys

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that helps businesses and marketers streamline their social media scheduling and content creation. It allows users to schedule posts in advance, so they can focus on other aspects of their business. MeetEdgar also offers features like analytics and audience engagement tools. One such engagement tool is the ability to create and schedule polls and surveys.

What are polls and surveys?

Polls and surveys are tools used by businesses to gather information from their customers or audience. Polls are typically used for simple questions with a limited number of responses, while surveys are more in-depth and can include open-ended responses. These tools can help businesses understand their audience’s preferences, opinions, and behaviors.

Benefits of using polls and surveys

Using polls and surveys in your social media strategy can have several benefits. They can help you better understand your audience, improve engagement, and gather data for future marketing strategies. Polls and surveys are also an effective way to gather feedback and improve customer satisfaction. By using MeetEdgar’s poll and survey features, businesses can easily incorporate these tools into their social media campaigns.

MeetEdgar’s features for polls and surveys

MeetEdgar offers several features for creating and scheduling polls and surveys. Users can choose from a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and open-ended. They can also customize the poll or survey’s design and branding to match their business’s aesthetic. MeetEdgar also allows users to add images and videos to their polls and surveys for added engagement.

Creating polls and surveys on MeetEdgar

Creating polls and surveys on MeetEdgar is easy. Users simply need to navigate to the "Engage" tab and select "Poll/Survey". They can then choose their question type, add their questions and responses, and customize the design. Once the poll or survey is complete, users can preview it before scheduling it for posting.

Scheduling polls and surveys on MeetEdgar

Scheduling polls and surveys on MeetEdgar is similar to scheduling regular social media posts. Users can choose the date and time they want the poll or survey to be posted and select the social media platforms they want it to be shared on. MeetEdgar also allows users to schedule recurring polls and surveys for ongoing engagement.

Analyzing poll and survey results on MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar’s analytics feature allows users to track their poll and survey results. They can see how many responses were received, which responses were the most popular, and how many people engaged with the poll or survey. This data can help businesses better understand their audience and make informed marketing decisions.

Conclusion: Maximizing MeetEdgar’s potential with polls and surveys

MeetEdgar’s poll and survey features offer businesses a valuable tool for engaging with their audience and gathering important data. By incorporating polls and surveys into their social media strategy, businesses can better understand their audience, improve engagement, and make data-driven marketing decisions. With MeetEdgar’s easy-to-use features for creating, scheduling, and analyzing polls and surveys, businesses can maximize their potential on social media.

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