Announcement: Webs Passage


July 30, 2006



Announcing: Webs Passage

The website directory known as webspassage offers visitors a spamfree directory listing over 1000 websites.

WebsPassage categorizes websites into hundreds of relevant categories while keeping the directory structure.

The directory offers a feature unique to webspassage where on the 1st of each month 1 website is hand-picked from the index and given the title of (SOTM) or Site Of The Month, Previous SOTM websites may be seen here:

The cost for website owners to submit a listing to the directory is free with submissions being reviewed in the order received webmasters may purchase a quick listing for only $2 and be listed within 36 hours or purchase a featured listing at the top of a chosen category for $10 per year

Visit WebsPassage at


Note: This was a paid directory announcement. Directory Critic is not affiliated with this directory. If you would like to reach hundreds of webmasters by announcing your new directory here, click here.

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