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December 1, 2011



Most of us here know the value of directory submissions and we have been effectively using it as a link building tactic. However, rapid changes in search engine algorithms are paving ways for new link building tactics.

Here’s great news if you own a website or blog related to real estate business. Directory Maximizer has launched Niche directory submission for Real estate websites and blogs. They have shortlisted around 30 quality web directories that list only real estate related websites and blogs. It’s a great opportunity for real estate webmasters for building links within your own niche, which are given a higher value by search engines.

Why it’s better to hire a Submission Service?
Submitting your sites to directories can be done by anyone. However, there are some practical difficulties that you might encounter such as –

  1. Collecting the database of niche directories
  2. Understanding the submission form and the procedure
  3. Ensuring that your submission is accepted
  4. It can take away a lot off your precious time

Submission service providers are experts in this game and they can help you save a lot of your valuable time and effort, apart from ensuring a high success rate. And the greatest advantage is, submission service providers like Directory Maximizer can help you save lot of money, because they have managed to get special rates from these niche directories (most of the niche directories take a fee for listing a site).

Here are 5 sample directories in the list that you’ll get listed under:

Get started with your real estate niche directory submissions right away!

Directory Maximizer Adds Two New Features


February 16, 2009



Directory Maximizer, an established name in the field of directory submissions has been working hard for more than 3 years to make directory submissions more rewarding & effortless.

Providing clients with hassle free service has been their motto throughout & with this in mind they have added 2 more features to “maximize” your directory submission experience :

1. Monthly Subscription: We all know how forgetful we can be in missing out on submitting to directories regularly. With their newly introduced “Monthly Subscription” feature, you do not have to come back every now and then to order for new directories, just opt to have your site submitted to 100 directories per month for a period of 12 months. A sure way of building a continuous flow of quality one-way links at a nominal charge of $14 per month. You also need not worry about making regular payments, as the amount would be automatically debited from your account.

2. E-mail Handling: Everyone we know is fed up of checking their mails from directories. Thanks to Directory Maximizer’s new “E-Mail Handling” service, the painful days of checking your inbox continuously for e-mails from directories are gone, they will take over & all you need to do is enjoy the results. They will open a new email account solely dedicated for your submissions and will respond to all the mails coming from the directories, be it a confirmation mail, approval mail or something which requires you to click back for a link approval. All this is for a minimal cost of 2 cents per submission. Thus if you opt for an e-mail handling service along with your submissions it will only cost you a total of 16 cents per submission.

With these new features in the kitty of Directory Maximizer, they have taken directory submission service to a new level. Their constant desire to innovate & discover new customer satisfaction techniques continue making directory submissions with them a rewarding experience.

Few Announcements at DirectoryCritic


March 27, 2008



We are glad to inform you of recent Updates on DirectoryCritic.

We are adding up more and more resources to improve DirectoryCritic and making it more valuable to our users.
Here is a sneak peek to few more niche lists that are added in niche directories sections.

(They are decided based on Host’s IP and/or domain extension and sometime whois records)

Another exciting happening will be a “soon to come” contest on DirectoryCritic Forums with monthly prizes. So if you didnt signup with DirectoryCritic yet, Signup NOW and be one of the Winners.

You might have noticed a recently added Affiliate program directory. Means, we just don’t want to become good link building resource but also a good directory resource.
Very soon, you’ll see many affiliate program directories over there!
Many thanks to Mr. Atul (Team Manager at iNetZeal, Inc) for spending a lot of hours in finding good directories and helping directory critic resource to make it better and more useful.
All your suggestions on any good directory related to such niches are welcome. You can get them added to the list 🙂

We appreciate the suggestions of our dear users at Directorycritic to make it more productive.

PR Update Time Again!


January 18, 2008



As most of you probably know I like to wait a few days after a PR update before updating all the PR listings on Directory Critic.

Well, it’s been a few days now and I am going to run the script tonight. So you can expect to see all the up to date PRs for directories up soon!

Zyas Video Web Directory Launched


November 27, 2007



Zyas Video Web Directory Launched

These days websites are popping up faster and faster, this is constant growth at its best, with the sudden interest in developing websites it becomes harder and harder to get noticed. To truly stand out on the web, websites need to be unique and full of interesting and fun concepts. Let’s face it when it comes down to it those websites that are unique and designed beautifully will make it to the top. One such site is Zyas Video Web Directory. This web directory is top class, I know what your are thinking… “another web directory, whats so great about that?” Well as I said this web directory is miles ahead of all of the other freshly made web directories that appear on the web just about every day.

To answer the question “what exactly is it that makes Zyas so special?”, all it takes is a quick look at the site. Zyas is a great web directory that has a nice eye catching design. These days, its much more than just functionality of a site, navigation and appearance are equally important factors. Zyas and its custom green and blue template gives it a look that just spells professional quality service.

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the term web directory, if not let me explain. A web directory is designed for the sole purpose of organising and grouping websites together in a category. Web directories are great for websites that need to gain exposure and popularity. As most web directories do, Zyas has the standard directory features such as detailed information about the site, the description, and a screenshot. Zyas also includes an added bonus, it has the link popularity of every site that is submitted to the directory. Zyas may have many unique characteristics, but the greatest feature of Zyas is that every submission includes a free promotional video offer. This is a feature that no other web directory has ever introduced. When submitting your site you get the option to choose a featured submission which allows you 5 deep links, and a 300 words review with another 3 contextual deep links for the price of only $35.99. This package is the only yearly based subscription but the benefits are definitely worth it. If spending that amount of money yearly is not in your budget then a regular permanent submission is only $25.99.

Gaining popularity and traffic for your website is easily obtained by submitting your website to popular and interesting web directories. Zyas with it’s custom blog, photo gallery, and even free ebooks, is well prepared to compete in the web directory industry. This site has it all, which proves how dedicated the Zyas staff is at ensuring the best service for its visitors. With so many modifications and advantages it is worth the time and cost for a submission. A site like Zyas does not come often, so jumping on the bandwagon is essential. But don’t take my word for it visit Zyas for yourself…

Disclosure: The above is a paid announcement. If you would like us to announce your webmaster service or directory please see our blog post advertising page.

We’ve just launched a new forum!


October 25, 2007



We’ve just launched a new forum here at Directory Critic!

Our new forum is place for webmasters and directory owners to network, ask questions, share information and promote their sites and services.

To kick things off we’re giving away 100 listings in our Webmasters Directory and 100 listings in our WebGuide. For details on how to get your hands on some free listings just check out this thread on the forum.

We’ll also be running more competitions in coming weeks for our new forum members so get involved!

See you there!