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September 27, 2012



The SEO scenario, having undergone its regular phase of periodic overhauling with Google’s Panda & Penguin updates, presents a completely different picture now from what it used to be in the earlier days. Old SEO rituals have paved way for not only newer but smarter ways to build quality links to one’s websites.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the years and still practiced by webmasters across the globe – Directory Submissions. Directory Maximizer has been a pioneer in this field for over 6 years now having served thousands of webmasters and businesses worldwide.

To cater to the diverse needs of its clients, Directory Maximizer has also diversified its portfolio of offerings and now offers some other SEO services – Guest Posting, Local SEO etc at a really low and affordable cost. We decided to do a quick search on what others had to say on Directory Maximizer and their services.  In this article, we have compiled some of them for you.

• For a local business, I think the Directory Maximizer service gets two thumbs up. Ultimately, I’ll probably find I’ve paid less than $1 a link. All in all, I’m happy with the service. For $120, I saved hours (days?) of time – A user in Digital Point Forums

• I started my site last year around March & was referred to Directory Maximizer by a friend. I’ve been using them for my site ever since. Haven’t used any other services but my site has got many links now, got indexed & is even showing up for the search terms!!  Directory Maximizer & their sister concern, Social Maximizer has proved beneficial for me. Don’t mind the price of 14 cents coz it’s quite cheap actually. Their directory list has also changed and you guys should try it out – Real Estate Web Masters Forum

• I couldn’t figure out how to change my comments, but when a company reaches out and does the right thing. You feel obligated to the company/this community to respond. It seems their email program was not receiving my emails, which makes total sense, because I literally didn’t get responses. They have fixed the problem, continued the project, and gave me a generous credit. Their humanity to accept a bad situation, and provide great customer service, leads me to change my grade to “A”. Emails are working fine now, good work done, and I will continue to use them… It’s cool that they actually cared about my feedback – A Review on IM Report Card – October, 2011

• Started using Directory Maximizer for my sites (I’m an SEO specialist) since last year & have seen the results. I like their email handling, spread out submissions & more titles features. Gives me a lot of flexibility as to how I want my order to go through… in fact, I’ve also used their social bookmarking service A Review on IM Report Card

• Though most of the web directories are free to submit, submitting your website is a tedious process as you have to fill out scores of web forms and choose categories for your website/blog. However, a reputable directory submission service can be used like what is offered by Directory Maximizer wherein the work will be done for you. Directory Maximizer is very affordable, it’s comprehensive and it takes the hassle out of getting your website or blog seen by the search engines.

• How is Directory Maximizer Submission service different? It is their Quality. These guys are SEO experts themselves so they know what works and what doesn’t. So instead of alluring you with cheap “one thousand submissions in 30 days” campaigns, they just focus on high quality directories and quality backlinks.

• Directory Maximizer has some of the cheapest prices in the industry, in irony however, seeing as their directory submission value remains unmatched. Anyone is able to place an order for as little as 5$ and on a submission by submission basis, each directory only is only 14 cents. Most people can find 14 cents walking down their street and if that can be turned into a powerful backlink, you can’t really beat that.

• A good manual directory submission service is provided by Directory Maximizer. They care for the submission quality and they will analyze every directory where they submit your link to so you can be assured that the link you get will provide you good seo value. They maintain a list of good web directories, and they can submit your website only to directories related to your niche or to all directories. Because every directory guidelines are respected, the approval rate is very high –

• They are a professional link building company who can help submit your site to general web directories, to niche industry specific directories, to high PR paid directories at discounted prices and they also offer customized directory submissions –

• I am really not a very tech savvy person so when I got my site built, I didn’t really know where to start with the marketing. I read about Directory Maximizer in a forum & decided to give it a try. Not sure about the results, I just started with a small $25 order but the service they gave & the links that I got gave me the confidence to go ahead with them for bigger orders. I have since placed 5 more orders with them over a period of about a year & the experience has been nothing but pleasant. Their customer service is excellent, one of the best I have seen, really. I am very happy with Directory Maximizer & think they should get their due! – A review on IM Report Card July, 2011

• It’s a little hit and misses however. As some commenters have said – they did not see much improvement in rankings when they used it. For me, I saw a bit of both – some very good improvement for some of my keywords, where others didn’t move much at all. Very odd! Nevertheless, if nothing else, it’s a solid tool to be used in mixing up the type of backlinks, and submission rates are very manageable – drip 100 over a week, or drip 100 over 5 weeks or whatever you like, really. One of the better services out there right now, I would like to add – Joseph from, March, 2012

• Tried the niche submissions for my real estate site and they were awesome all showed up on WMT. Trying now for my local SEO business site the internet niche directories –, May 2012

• You know 40% approvals is not bad really considering they are good PR links and that % could still rise as some directories take longer to approve submissions. It’s also good that you follow the guidelines closely. I will be using your service again! –, July 2011 Check Dave’s Directory Maximizer Video Testimonial here.

• I have been using all of their services and they are the best! They provide wonderful social and directory services that have given me excellent results. I am too busy to handle such things and they are doing great for very little pay. And they stay in contact interacting with me to make sure everything is going accordingly. I highly recommend them to everyone! –, May 2009

• I’ve been using Directory Maximizer only for link building & am seeing results like improvement in search rankings & increase in traffic. My site’s doing quite well because of them actually. Will continue using them –, December 2009

• I just started using Directory Maximizer and it looks like it will work pretty good. I have been looking to build more links to my niche sites, so hopefully this will be the thing that puts them on the first page for good. Earlier it was a headache for me to submit my links on each and every directory. But I think with this Directory Maximizer I’ll be able to do it easily –, May 2012

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