Directory Critic has Got a Fresh Look


July 26, 2013



We are very happy to bring you a fresh and new look for Directory Critic – your ultimate resource for directory lists.  Our design and development teams have been working on this new design for a few months and we are very proud of the team behind this chic, pleasant new look.

When we started with this task, our idea was to make the site look clutter free and make it easier for users to access what they want with minimal clicks.  The homepage has been redesigned with this objective in mind. Now we have made your sought after lists, be it the list of free directories, list of niche directories or paid directory list, accessible with much more ease. The advertising space also has been redefined to give more eyeballs to the banners of our advertisers, without whose support we would not be able to maintain this site.

Displaying a vast list of resources like ours is a challenge for any designer, and we hope we have made the list pages more user friendly with the new design.  We haven’t made any changes to the directory related information such as Page Rank, directory type, category, rating etc. so you continue to get all those valuable bits information about each directory as it used to be. Same goes with the functionality like sort the lists – based on Page Rank, ratings, date of submission etc.; we’ve retained all that functionality.

Our most recent service additions, where we allow you to order from our various directory submission services, have also undergone a design change to make your directory submission ordering process quick and easy.

SEO in general and link building in particular have evolved a lot over the last few years, but the effectiveness of quality backlinks hasn’t changed much. There are numerous examples of the usefulness  of getting listed in directories even now, yes even after the algorithmic updates like Penguin. But you need to know how to identify good directories and submit your sites to them. As always, Directory Critic will continue to be a helpful resource for webmasters across the world.

We hope you too would like the new design. We would like to hear your thoughts about this design change, let us know with your comments below 🙂


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