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Since 2005, Directory Critic has been the ultimate resource for lists of directories. With our service, we go a step further and shortlist only the best of these directories and submit your site to them.

It takes a massive amount of time to search and short-list the good directories to submit to and a humongous effort after that to go through each directory, find relevant categories, enter the titles and descriptions, enter the captcha, handle the confirmation mails from directories etc. Now you can save all that time and make use of our professional manual directory submission service.

Directory submissions, when done well, is still an effective SEO strategy to build permanent one-way links. There is no better way to prove this than our own site, which ranks #1 for many of our targeted terms.

We have been in this industry for years and possess the expertise required to assure you results from our service!

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We submit only to Directories that are Indexed & Cached by Google

They submit to as many, which could include banned/de-indexed directories

We submit to directories hosted on multiple IP addresses

You end up getting many links from same IPs, which can be considered spammy

Only SEO friendly directories to ensure links from them are valued by search engines

Many directories on competitor lists give out nofollow links, which will be of no value

We check the directories regularly and submit only to active ones that load properly

Their lists consist of directories that either don't load or haven't been active in years

We do all submissions by hand, manually submitting each listing

Use automatic tools to blast your site off to many directories without filling captcha etc

We phase submissions - spreading them out slowly, resulting in natural link growth

They submit to all directories at one go which could be risky

We give the option of handling directory acknowledgment and confirmation emails

There is no such option provided

We offer another add-on service to research and write titles and descriptions for you

There is no such option provided

Great Value for Money! We charge just 20 cents per submission, which is not a lot considering the time and effort you save!

There are some who charge lesser than us but suffer from all the above drawbacks and those who try to offer our set of features fail to match our pricing!


Let Your Link Building be Handled by The Experts

Check this box if you'd like our team of specialists to research and write well targeted titles and descriptions for you.

(If unchecked, you will be given an option to add up to 20 titles and descriptions after you place the order)

By default we will be writing a mix of domain/brand based keywords and keyword-rich terms. If you have any particular preferences or any target keywords/phrases, please mention them below:

Have us handle all directory acknowledgment & confirmation emails [only 4 cents/submission]

A dedicated email account will be created exclusively for these submissions and all emails coming in will be handled till the submissions are complete.