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Please fill in the form below to suggest your directory to Directory Critic. Please provide as much information as possible about your directory. Stats like PR, backlinks and indexed pages will be generated by our scripts.

The Rules - Please Read!

  1. You must give Directory Critic a featured listing in your directory BEFORE submitting. You can use linking information found below. If you have problems, contact us.

    Title: Directory Critic Directory List
    Description: Web dirctories still play an essential role in link building. Directory Critic lists all free, paid and recip web directories including article directories for article syndication. Using one of our 25 niche lists you can also build targeted backlinks to your niche website. If you own a directory, submit it to take advantage of the extra traffic and exposure Directory Critic can provide.
  2. Your directory page must be accessible by a search engine spider. This means no forms or javascript linking pages together and all internal pages must be linked with the home page.
  3. Links in your directory must be static. You must not use redirects or any sort. (for example
  4. You must not use rel="nofollow" in your linking code.
  5. We do not list directories of directories.
  6. We don't list scaper directories. This means DMOZ scapers, or any other directory that simply scrapes it's content from larger directories.

Rating System Rules

  1. Only users who have a site listed in your directory are permitted to rate it.

  2. Under no circumstances are you premitted to rate your own directory. Webmasters who rate their own directories will be deleted from the site and banned permanently.

  3. You must not enourage your visitors, friends etc to submit misleading or dishonest ratings. All dishonest ratings are detected and deleted.

  4. You must not "force" a user to rate your directory to receive a listing or service. It's must be a user's choice to rate your directory. Forcing users to rate your directory will result in it being removed from our lists.

  5. You can not provide incentives of any kind for rating your directory. This includes upgrading listings to featured or premium.

We reserve the right to add, delete or change your listing on Directory Critic at anytime without notifying you. If you have any questions about any of the rules mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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