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August 18, 2006



I was pretty shocked when I got asked for an interview, why would someone want to interview me?? Well the owner of approached me yesterday and asked for an interview so I said why not. You can read the interview here. Nothing exciting to read I assure you, but if you’re bored…

Nothing else much to report on the site lately…thanks again to all the webmasters who’ve been using the report function to report directory changes to me. I’ve been making about 10-20 updates a day, which is excellent as it keeps the lists up-to-date.

One more thing…if you’ve been living in a cave for the past week and havent read this article about building links I really suggest you do. I just had to get on the bandwagon and give this article some blogosphere love because it deserves it!

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  1. Shabu anower on August 18th, 2006

    Coz, you are a critical person. Ha..ha..ha.. 😀
    (just kidding :P)

  2. Kevin-Ray on August 19th, 2006

    Great interview, not boring at all! Always good to know a few more things about “The Critic”. :)

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