Site News: 400th webmaster rating


May 28, 2006



I logged in the morning to see that this site has now received over 400 directory ratings by webmasters. Recently, some major directories have added the rating link their submit page. This has gotten them more ratings and pushed them towards the top of the free and paid directory lists, as well as given them a homepage link.

If you’re looking to get some free extra exposure for your directory I suggest you add a rating link to your submit page an ask the webmasters that submit to your directory to rate your directory here. This coming week I will be adding some rate buttons to the site as well as some code that will generate a custom link for your directory. This will make the process of adding a rate link/button to your site very easy!

Please note, I monitor the ratings daily to prevent rating manipulation. If I find that your directory is manipulating the rating system you will be removed from the lists immediately.

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