Over 2000 Active Ratings!


December 8, 2006



I’m pleased to report, that last night Directory Critic had it’s 2000 active webmaster ratings! The growth of the site over the past 3-4 months is really exciting. Traffic is growing daily, we are getting loads of natural backlinks and we are getting more directory submissions than ever. The list still grows at about 70 new directories every week.

Now with more webmasters reporting directories that stop accepting free submissions, go offline, break the rules or stop accepting submissions the list is very up-to-date and we are also deleting quite a few directories off the list that will no longer benefit the webmasters that use this site.

I have a few updates and changes is the pipeline for Directory Critic and I’ll be announcing those as soon as I get all the fine points finalized.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reporting, and thanks to Manish who’s helps us out a lot with the lists!

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