Our Server Had Hard Disk Failure


September 16, 2007



Last night, one of the hard drives on our servers failed. The result was the website going down for about 8-10 hours and some minor data lost. We restored a backup from the 13th of September so only a few days data was lost.

If you submitted your web directory after the 13th of September please resubmit it here:


If you paid for a listing, or upgraded to a premium listing please add your web directory then contact us. We will verify you made a previous payment and add your directory back to the site.

There might be a few minor glitches over the next 24 hours while we get everything back up 100%. If you find any problems throughout the site please don’t hesitate to contact us and report them.

Thanks for your patience, we’re working hard to get Directory Critic fully operational again!

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