Its PR Update Time Again


October 4, 2006



PR updates are this site as christmas is to retail stores – a busy time! When directories get the good PR they were aiming for, they switch to paid. At the moment I just logged into admin, I have about 30 reports to process. Most of these will be free-to-paid updates. I have also received about 20 emails in the past few days from directory owners who were nice enough to inform me of the changes to their directory.

Please don’t email about PR updates, i will be running the PR update script tomorrow. I usually like to hold off until all Google’s servers are showing the updated PR.

I have also had a flood of new directories submitted so keep an eye on the new directories page. Last night I approved about 30 or so and declined about 10. I have another 25 to approve tonight. This should take the list total to about 2120. Next target, 2500!

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  1. Pixel Head on November 17th, 2006

    2500, thats a lot of directories…congratulations, your hard work is paying off.

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