Ratings System Update


August 7, 2006



Over the past two weeks a few directories have been trying to manipulate the ratings system on Directory Critic. This included giving away listings for ratings, getting their friends to give inaccurate ratings and hiring people to rate. To try and put a stop to this I have added a new field to the rate form which the user must enter the name of the site that they submitted to the directory so I can check it is actually listed in there if necessary.

I know this will not fix the problem all together, but it’s just another step on trying to keep the ratings system on this site as fair and accurate as possible.

A note for directory owners, it’s very easy to tell from my admin control panel if ratings are being faked. Don’t even try it, I will catch you and ban you from the lists. If you want people to rate your directory, add a lilnk in your confirmation email or add a button to your site.

Let’s keep the system fair for everyone :)

In other news, we’re still adding about 50 new directories to the lists every week. Make sure you keep an eye out on the new directories page for recent additions. If you own a directory, click here to submit it for approval.